You have questions ~ I have answers...


Generally, I answer all inquiries within 24 hours of receiving them.

I prefer to communicate via email only. I find this to be the least invasive, most discreet way to communicate.

Yes! I love meeting people from all walks of life and connecting on many different levels. I adore being in the company of a chivalrous gentleman who practices The Golden Rule.

Yes. I spend a great deal of energy, time, and money with some of the best photographers in the industry to bring you images which are a true depiction of me. I’m often told that I’m even prettier in person.

I tend to dress in an understated, classy, stylish manner. If we are meeting in private, and you’ve booked a min of 2 hours, I welcome private attire requests. If we are enjoying a night on the town, I prefer you leave it to me to choose the perfect outfit to wear.

While gifts and tips are never expected, they are wholeheartedly appreciated. Please see my Gifts page for items I’d love to receive and a P.O. Box in case you would like to send something..

I am Vegan. However, don’t let that fool you! I love to eat and am always planning my next meal. I love going out to dinner. Luckily, I know how to navigate most any menu to accommodate my dietary needs. Living in Las Vegas affords us many options for entertainment and I love them all. I enjoy concerts, shows, theater, hockey, and museums.

Thank you for being a thoughtful host! I prefer bottled water to drink. I also enjoy Veuve Rose or Red Wine.
For snacks, please be mindful that I require something gluten free, as well as vegan.

I love Rock n Roll, Classic Rock, Southern Blues Rock, and Classic Country. I spend a great deal of my year traveling around the globe to soak in the magic of live shows. Small venues are my favorite, tho I aspire to attend a show at The Royal Albert Hall one day. My all time favorite band is Led Zeppelin.
I have a very large rock t-shirt collection, and I also collect vinyl and signed music memorabilia.

No. Please do not diminish the value of my company by asking. My donation is received for my time, nothing else.
Please do not confuse ‘watching the clock’ with ‘hanging out off the clock’. I do not rush. It is simply not in my nature. However, please be mindful of the time we have scheduled together. Do not invite me to hang out without compensation. If you’d like to go to the movies, a romantic dinner, a show, a hockey game, or simply gaze at one another, please be courteous and respect my donation requests. Though we may become fast friends and enjoy one another’s company, do not forget that I am very clear about my intentions as your temporary companion.

Yes. I love meeting with couples. Please multiply my hourly donation by two, if this scenario interests you.

Yes! I know a few wonderful women that I’d love to invite along, once you are screened.

Yes. Please include your hotel’s parking fee, in addition to my donation. Please be freshly showered right before meeting me. Fresh breath is also important; especially after we go out to dinner together.

Yes. If you cancel without 48 hours notice, I will ask you to compensate me with 50% of the donation you booked. If you ask me to reserve part of my schedule for you, please acknowledge that my time is as valuable as yours. We all have busy schedules; let’s show mutual respect and consideration for one another. If you need to change the time or reschedule our meeting please do so promptly. I will show you the same courtesy by alerting you to any schedule change or cancellation.

I am open and honest about many things. However, don’t confuse the fantasy with the reality. Please respect my privacy and personal life in the same manner I respect yours. If you ever come across my personal social media, do not request to follow me.

Yes. Whether it is complete Exclusivity you seek, or a Secret Schedule to keep… This Special Situation is for the Gentleman who knows I am a Rare Gem, and doesn’t want to share me with the rest of the world….or a wise Spirit who simply requires more of my Affection, Attention, and Devotion. This arrangement is for those I have already developed a meaningful Friendship with, who have an intense and honest interest in weekly, monthly, or yearly companionship to make both of us smile. Please inquire.

I only offer incall when on tour. Otherwise, outcall only

I don’t care to diminish the elegance of our time together by sharing a checklist of activities. Our time together will always be genuine and authentic. I am a human being just like you, and prefer to let things unfold organically. Besides, my donation is for my time, not a service. To protect both of us, safety is always a paramount concern.

Wonderful! Please make your extended invitation known and prepare to handle the additional donation quickly and discreetly.

Yes! However, please be reasonable in the amount of times you request me to be your reference. Also, if you met me once ten years ago, it’s time for you to be rescreened by your new paramour. In return, rebooking with me in the future or gift cards to one of my favorite places are always a welcomed ‘thank you’.

I respect and value your privacy as much as I do my own. I simply want to know who I am meeting so I can feel a sense of safety and security.


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