The manner of giving is worth more than the gift...


My Birthday is 6 April

I am a Fiery Aries Woman through and through. I’m eager, enthusiastic, and always raring to go. My charisma and magnetic personality will happily lead the way to adventure. I love to generously share and create excitement wherever I go. I’m a passionate and intense lover who loves to make others smile.

Whether it is a material gift, or your time, effort, and affection… I love to be showered with special attention. Gifts are never necessary, though they certainly are very much appreciated. I appreciate all kind gestures. Smiles are contagious. And, reciprocity is an amazing thing…

Care to Send a Smile My Way? Please Use this Address:

Samantha Sommers,
8545 W. Warm Springs Rd.,
Suite A-4 Box 373,
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

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Some information to assist:
Bra:  36D US, 80D EU, Agent Provocateur=36DD
Panties:  Small/Medium
Stockings:  Tall (5’8″, 125), M/2
Dress/Gown: Size 4/Small
Pajama/Robe:  Small
Shoe:  10/40
Jewelry metal: Yellow or rose gold please


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