Samantha Sommers Journal

Samantha Sommers Journal

I’m the Boss of Me

People like to complain about things and seem to be content being armchair activists while filling their brains with “reality” television and celebrity gossip. Though when things are against your beliefs and hurt your soul, it’s time to do something. By filling your realm with joy, love, music, art, beauty, and knowledge you begin to medicate yourself with things that matter, rather than numbing yourself with things that do not.

Being the boss of yourself means that you take responsibility for your world and those in it. We all have choices each day we wake up. Choose to be happy, to spread positivity, and encouragement. Choose healthy foods and activities. Choose to be part of the solution. Help someone else just because you can. Share your smile with someone who needs it. There are so many ways to be a boss who makes a difference.

It’s very easy to sit in the confines of your comfort zone and complain about the state of things; it is much more difficult to leave that zone in search of things that make your soul sing. It’s important to remember that our boundaries only exist in our minds. Leaving your comfort zone behind will enhance your life in many ways.

With each positive choice you make, the world becomes a better place for everyone. Get involved in the very real, very full~time job of being happy and helping others to receive the gift of happiness also. Even when you feel like you have zero control in a situation, remember that you hold the ultimate power inside of you. You have the power to be happy.  And, taking charge is what being a boss is all about.

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