Samantha Sommers Journal

Samantha Sommers Journal

Ten Years Gone. Presence is Simple Grandeur=Zen

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I had a vintage bottle of Cristal Rose. It was special to me for many reasons and so I didn’t want to pop this bottle for no reason at all. I held on to it for ten years.

Ten Years Gone. And, the funny thing is, I had so many amazing moments with some equally magnificent people during that decade. Yet, nothing ever seemed grand enough to warrant an opening of such a bottle, until the time had slipped away; some of the people had passed on to other realms… When I was able to reflect on all of the times shared with exquisite people, I realized what had happened. Thousands of opportunities to release those bubbles. I kept this cycle going until a few weeks ago.

A space in time is as wonderful as you choose to make it. I have let too many extraordinary occasions go by without reveling in them as I should have. Because I am uncertain of my expiration date, or of my friends’, this has been quite a foolish way to live…I need to stop waiting for some announcement of “hey this is special” and recognize that it is, just simply because It Is; because We are.

I have a few very unique individuals in my life that I consider my true friends. I chose one and decided that we would share this sweet nectar together and just celebrate life. Whether or not this friend realized what was truly happening or why, made zero difference to me. I tried to explain it, though I couldn’t find the exact words to relay why were drinking a bottle of ’99 Rose’ on a Wednesday night in September. And, it didn’t matter. I think we both would have been smiling from the inside whilst sipping apple cider, just as long as we were together.

These types of flashes in space, these types of people…man, these are the essence of who I am; this is what I live for: puzzle pieces of seemingly luxurious bites of time with wondrous souls. Besides, what can truly be said as explanation that wouldn’t sound trite or contrived during a time like that?

The emphasis was not on this bottle that had become special to me any longer; it was on the person I chose to share it with. After all, this wasn’t my first vintage bottle of champagne…nor will it be my last. There was no parade, or fanfare; I don’t recall the exact conversation, or the melody of the music I know we listened to.

The magnificence was in the sheer magic of being with this person I care for and in the uninterrupted enjoyment of our energy. The bottle was now secondary (if it ever made the list of excellence that comprised that night). And, quite possibly I was the only one who felt it. I was the only one who needed to know that the butterflies floated freely, and I may have been the only one to see and feel mine fluttering. I was fully indulging all of my senses with the spell that had been cast for that evening. I wasn’t blind or deaf to the beauty surrounding me. If only for their sake, I hope my companion wasn’t oblivious and didn’t take it for granted either. 😉

Time will always be wasted unless it is looked upon as a gift.

I refuse to let memorable moments go without celebration and some sort of fanfare…this was another step into a deeper state of zen…and the further carving of a path to make certain my favorite people are aware of their importance in my life. I let myself enjoy something fully, rather than continuing to just look at the outside and dream of what a perfect moment to enjoy it would be like. We already made the moment perfect just by our close proximity and genuine excitement to be together. We were always going to feel like it was 1999 no matter what!

Sharing time, leisurely meals, soul connections, laughter, making time to keep in touch, letting someone know they are special and why, not taking a kindred spirit for granted…these are all very intimate things, and all of these things Do matter.

Cheers to Floating on Bubbles, Feeling the Butterflies, Loving Life, and The Beautiful Ones! “We are Eagles of One Nest, the Nest is in our Soul”…



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