Samantha Sommers Journal

Samantha Sommers Journal

Positive Vibrations Near and Far

The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time.

Once it is gone, you can never get it back. Make sure to fill it with important people and wondrous activities.

Time well spent is with people who uplift you and sincerely ache for your happiness. Surrounding yourself with individuals who bring out the best in you and help you relax is paramount. It helps nourish your spirit and reinvigorate your current path. Letting too much time go by without connection to those special people is foolish. People often use the excuse that they were “too busy” to keep in touch or to make a plan.

When days upon days continue to roll on by and you lose close touch with someone who adds happiness to your life, it’s time to reassess. People who add positivity to your life are important and should be treated in high regard. We are lifted up only because of the strength and care of those who are around to support us. We navigate the difficult paths and frolic through the easy ones with those who truly care.

Whether it is taking a few seconds to send a text message, a quick call to say hello, or sending a picture, very little time and focus are needed in order to convey a message of care; good vibes are relayed with ease. Making time to let someone know they are special will never be time wasted.

You can shorten the physical distance in miles by connecting with someone in so many different ways these days, it’s nothing short of amazing. Positive emotions and messages can do much to brighten someone’s day. Smiling is contagious and smiles should be spread with great vigor.

Did you let someone know how much you care today? Make Special Spirits in your life aware of their rarity.

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