Samantha Sommers Journal

Samantha Sommers Journal

The Secret Squirrel Society

It is no accident that my online persona is Samantha Sommers. The creation of my name is all so simple, yet it is deeply complex. I love alliteration…the smooth sound of letters coming together to form similar sounds truly pleases my ear. I love the redundancy of alliteration…the echo of those sounds repeating makes for such a smooth rhythm.Along with loving alliteration, I have always been amused by Hanna Barbera’s old-time cartoon, ‘Secret Squirrel’. I have used the phrase “secret squirrel” numerous times over the years to describe the artful acts of keeping an engagement perfectly private and secret. It aligns pleasantly with my love for alliteration and for all things intimate and confidential. My name, Samantha Sommers, or SS also stands for “Secret Squirrel” I thought very carefully over this connection and it is a perfect match for part of who I am, what I am about, and what I have to offer. Those who have known me for a long time know and appreciate the neverending connection the moniker holds for me.Throughout my life, I have moved with an expert’s ease in the day to day spheres of influence and society and just as easily behind the scenes, orchestrating naughtiness and “sinful” delights and experiences to enjoy.Whether it was sneaking out of my parent’s house to play and party; evading campus security when I would leave my all girl’s catholic high school to meet with a boy from the public school for lunch; or present day when I must concoct a story for “square” family members or friends to explain my absence or my abrupt departure; I am a pro!It is either in your blood to know how to squirrel around or it is not.

I am definitely a true “secret squirrel”. I want to protect my privacy as much as yours. I want to be a chameleon and seemingly fit in with “the others” as much as you do! You will never find me dressed inappropriately for our meeting. If it’s a backyard BBQ with college buddies, I’m ready. If it’s dinner and a show, I will look the part as your demure date. Only you and I will know that I have on the sexy lingerie you gifted me earlier! Only you and I will know that I have a vibrator in my purse!

I appreciate a gentleman who knows how to practice the skillful arts of “squirreling around”. It is not easy to fabricate tales of boring conventions and business dinners all the while knowing you just had a night of bliss unlike any other. It is not simple to plan a secret escape for two on the beach, while leaving a trail that points to a meeting in someplace such as Omaha. It is an arduous task to speak normally on the phone to your significant other, while your delicious playmate is scantily clad in beautiful lingerie and sitting quietly on your lap. It is not child’s play to be inconspicuous, yet be able to carry yourself with poise and grace and wear the “square” mask when that is not who you truly are. It is difficult to know that a slight smile and perhaps a wink are all that are necessary when running into other squirrels out and about in the world. It is no easy feat to be a full-fledged member of what I have deemed “the secret squirrel society”.

It is definitely a formidable task to keep your stories of excitement, enjoyment, and bliss ;to yourself. After all, you want everyone to know how happy and pleased and satisfied, and even proud you are….but, alas you have to master the art of the satisfied smile. This smile alludes to great satisfaction and self indulgence, though it never reveals or speaks it’s source.

Whenever you see my name, whenever you see “SS”…know that it stands for so much more than meets the eye….correlate the name to:
“Secret Squirrel”
super sleuth
sweet sexiness
sultry sensations
secret smiles
satisfied smiles
super sensual
sassy seductress…and the list goes on and on and on…

Those of you who know me probably have your own SS code name for me..and you are already aware that I am the founder and CEO of the “Secret Squirrel Society”!

Let’s see if you truly know how to be a secret squirrel or a Moroccan Mole….I adore clever men!

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